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Andrea Levy e il gelo di un’isoletta inospitale

“In England, the fabled Mother Country that they had learned so much about at school in Jamaica, my parents were poor and working class. They believed that in order to get on in this country they should live quietly and not make a fuss. They should assimilate and be as respectable as they possibly could. Clean the front step every week. Go to church on Sundays. Keep the children well dressed and scrubbed behind the ears. (…) They never discussed Jamaica with anyone. My mum would get embarrassed if she saw a black person drawing attention to themselves. It drew attention to her as well, and she hated that.”
—Andrea Levy, Back to my Own Country, in Six Stories and an Essay

I romanzi di Andrea Levy mi sono arrivati in faccia all’improvviso, come un mattone, nel momento in cui più ne sentivo il bisogno. Leggi Tutto

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